Hey! this is Mihir


I'm currently studying Computer Science Engineering at Bits Pilani for my undergrad and also parallely working in the ML Department of CMU. In past few years of my life, I’ve worked in the fields of Machine Learning and Software and Hardware development. And created solutions which solve real-world problems. My goal in life is to work on some cool badass projects

Selected Publications
3DQ-Nets: Visual Concepts Emerge in Pose Equivariant 3D Quantized Neural Scene Representations
Mihir Prabhudesai*, Shamit Lal*, Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Adam W. Harley, Shubankar Potdar, Katerina Fragkiadaki
CVPR Workshop 2020
Embodied Language Grounding with Implicit 3D Visual Feature Representations
Mihir Prabhudesai*, Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung*, Syed Ashar Javed*, Maximilian Sieb, Adam W. Harley, Katerina Fragkiadaki
CVPR 2020
  • Won 1st Prize & 7500 USD (Cash Prize) in Google DevFest 2018 Codathan for my Speaker Recognition Project
  • Received Accenture Innovation Award for my Low Cost Face Recognition Project
  • Won 1st Prize in MENA Biggest AI Hackathon held by IQPC in AI Week Middle East
  • Awarded Innovator of the Year 2017 amongst 10,000+ Students by BITSAA (Alumni Network of Bits Pilani)
  • Our Paper was awarded 2nd Price by the UAE Education Minister amongst 1000+ Research Papers in 2018UAE National Undergraduate Research Competition
  • Our Paper also received the Best Paper Award in 3rd AEIT Research Conference held at Manipal University
  • Won 1st Prize in Falcon Hack GitHub Programming Challenge hosted by BECO Capital
  • Received grants from Dubai Government for our Smart Vision Dustbin Project in Expo 2020
  • Won 3rd Prize in Microsoft Assistive TechX Hackathon for Disabled hosted by Al Noor Training Centrer
  • Won 2nd Prize in IBM Watson Hackathon by In5 Innovation in Technofest
  • Won 1st Prize in Consumer Product Challenge hosted by MEA
  • Qualified to the Asia Pacific Finals of HULT Prize Challenge hosted by Bill Clinton Foundation
  • Won 3rd Prize in Startup Weekend Dubai Sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs
  • Gold and Bronze Medalist in ITF Taekwondo Nationals (India)
Products made by me!
Some of my Open Sourced Projects
ML Projects Non ML Projects
  • ProbabilisticNeuralProgrammedNetwork Tensorflow - First Tensorflow implementation of paper Probabilistic Neural Programmed Network
  • Programming RNN - A RNN based language model trained over java programming language to fix syntax errors
  • Adversarial-Inverse-Graphics-Networks - Image Translation Avatar to Human & Human to Avatar
  • Depth-Adaptive-Visual-Tracking-Networks - First Open source Implementation of the Paper Depth-Adaptive Computational Policies for Efficient Visual Tracking
  • Association-Network - First Open source implementation of the Paper Learning Feature Hierarchies from Long-Range Temporal Associations in Videos
  • Speaker Recognition - Speaker recognition using biased DNN Models and some Latent Variable Models with GUI
  • GodSpeaks - The first open sourced implementation of Peter Ansers
  • StarTech Cement - Web Implemenation on tensorflow for regression on structured data.
  • Lex Compilers - Implementation of Parsing and operations using lex and yacc
  • Fb Home Bot - Facebook messenger bot for home automation
  • Steganography - A python implentation for sending text messages in images
  • CementApp - App made on android studio for predicting clinker cost using Input resources
  • Embeded Courses site - Nodejs made youtube video player with comments and other features
  • Falcon Hack - Contains implementation of an open ended chatbot made using google dialog box on facebook messenger;